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Truly a Transcendental Experience

I just spent a healing afternoon at Sacred Spaces Holistic Center in Bradford, PA. Like stepping out of reality and entering the invigorating forests of Bali or, (nay both) connecting with the sunset over a crystal ocean you are immediately (from the first footfall in the door) transported to instant relaxation of purity at this realized dream of Licensed Massage Therapists, Frank and Donnia Denig. Enjoying rejuvenation to a whole new level, I am basking in the luxurious after-clarity from my Ayurvedic  Shirodhara massage. Every detail of the senses is regarded at the center, visual, sensory, even the scent of the air restorative. Capturing natural light, infusing warm décor, and creatively diffusing any stress a fortunate visitor may have happened to at one moment possess, this space truly embraces the definition of sacred. Drink beauty, breathe renewal, and bathe in the sublime as you explore the mind, body, and spirit guided sessions offered here. Massage therapy is just the beginning of the journey. Body wraps/masks/and scrubs, hot & cold stone treatments, yoga and meditation classes all designed to evaporate the anxieties of the world that existed before arrival. Truly mastering peace, Sacred Spaces is glory personified for the individual or couples as both are encouraged to make reservations.  As refreshed as I feel now, ready to take on an adventure of epic proportions, I am still relishing in the anticipation of my next visit to Sacred Spaces where I am certain to experience a soothing separation from the mundane. Perhaps a hot stone or Swedish massage. I will not limit myself from trying them all. ~Kimberly, Bradford, PA

Mondays used to be rough but a Monday massage therapy session with Donnia makes them Fridays. ~Violet, Bradford, PA

Frank and Donnia do excellent massages! I can’t decide which is my favorite….maybe the hot oil massage…they are very thorough and caring people. We have had a couple sessions where my mom and 3 sisters and I went and Donnia fixed us healthy yummy treats and treated us with special tender care. We love it there and can’t get enough. Love the yoga class also. Thanks Donnia and Frank for settling in Bradford – we are blessed to have you here. ~Kelly, Bradford, PA

I went to Donnia a few months ago complaining about wrist pain I had had for over a month not sure why. She worked on the arm and wrist for about a half hour, it felt better!  The next day the pain was gone completely and I have been without that pain for over four months!! ~Vaneesa, Las Vegas NV

My husband and I visited Donnia this afternoon and still can’t believe how great we feel! Go see her – you will not be disappointed. ~Leah, traveling through Bradford

I immediately relaxed upon walking through the door. The place is beautiful and surreal, ethereal. The owners are kind and professional. My body was relaxed for days after the hot stone massage, which was a gift from my partner. This is a classy and comfortable building, I felt like I was back in San Francisco. Will visit again. Also check out the yoga!! ~Elisa, Olean, NY

I thought I had no need for massage therapy. But after one massage I feel refreshed, new energy in my body. I am lucky with a good back and no pain in my body, but after a complete body massage I am so relaxed, and I feel so renewed, I feel every part of my body can breathe. And I feel new. This feeling doesn’t go away either. So, I know my body has new life. ~Donna, Wellsville, NY

[ My girlfriend ] and i need to make another couples appt. that was amazing other than the fact i was so relaxed i almost wrecked the car LOL you guys do incredible work and i was a non believer! ~Grant, PA

So you know you’ve had a good massage when . . . You have to remind yourself which side of the road to drive on when you leave the parking lot. I shouldn’t be behind the wheel when I’m that relaxed!!! Lol ~Kara, Bradford, PA

I can honestly say that I have had massages several other places with several different people throughout my adult life and Donnia and Frank are by FAR the best I have EVER been too! Not only are they the best at what they do, they are both incredible people that I am blessed to call my friends! I would recommend Sacred Spaces to anyone. ~ Ellen, Bradford PA

DISCLAIMER:  We thank our patients for their honest words. We would like our public to know, that no one leaves our office in any state which we would consider dangerous to others, i.e. driving a car on the opposite side of the road. That said, we allow patients to rest after their session, and really absorb the full effects of their massage therapy while we talk with them and share a cucumber or lemon/rosemary infused glass of water.