new patients

it’s about trust

Your comfort and security is the most important thing to us.

Our policy is to build trust on making you feel safe and comfortable at all times.

To really listen to what you are asking of us, and then deliver exceptional service.

When you are here, you are our number one priority.

Every. Single. Session.

Your first session

Let us talk a little about what you can expect from your first massage therapy session. Each new patient will have a consultation, postural assessment and health intake form to fill out prior to your session. Plan on some extra time if this is your first time seeing us.


Patient Health Intake Form < HERE

If you are a new patient, save yourself some time and download our health intake (above title) and cancelation policy forms here, fill them out and bring it with you to your first session. It is very important to completely fill out all pages prior to your first appointment. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


Every single session we provide is centered around you. The health intake is the tool we use to begin each and every session and decide how best to treat you, holistically. (Mind, body and spirit). We chat for a few minutes, agree on a massage therapy plan and then explain how the session will proceed, the table, draping, oils, etc. We leave the treatment room for a few moments, providing you with privacy and time to make yourself comfortable. We always knock before entering your space and provide you with a glass of water for after treatment. You are covered at all times during the session, except for the body are in which we are working. It is always up to you and your comfort level how the treatment proceeds. We encourage your feedback on pressure, warmth, lighting and music. If at any time you feel uncomfortable in any way, we ask that you tell us. It is okay to leave under garments on and we always ask that you only undress to your comfort level. We understand how, if this is your first session, it may be strange to you. We promise to take excellent care of you, every single time.


During the session, we will check in with you to make sure pressure is sufficient and that we are not causing you any undue pain. Pain tolerances vary from person to person so don’t be shy or macho if the pressure is too much. We could damage tissue and we DO NOT want to do that. If you are nervous and need to talk, that is okay too. We do ask that all cellular devices be turned off or put on silent mode to not disturb the therapist or the other patients in our center.


Once the session is over, we thank you, leave the treatment room and allow you to gather yourself. We encourage taking your time to get up from the table, as dizziness does happen. Dress and come out to the lounge area when you are ready. We provide a glass of water post session and we strongly advise that once home, you continue to drink plenty of extra water to avoid the dreaded “massage hangover”. This occurs when we have done any bodywork, (moving blood, oxygen and toxins through the system) to reap the full massage therapy benefits and extra water will provide these benefits.


105 Mechanic Street
Bradford PA 16701

Appointment Hours:

Monday   2pm-6pm
{ Tues + Wed Closed }
Thursday + Friday   10am-12noon | 2pm-7pm
Saturday   11am-6pm  |   Sunday   11am-4pm

Other hours by special appointment




Massage Therapy Rates

Relaxation/Organic sessions start at $60 for 60min + consult
Therapeutic sessions start at $75 for 60min + consult
Ayurvedic Sessions + Consult please call for pricing
Spa Treatments + Consult please call for pricing

Treatment plans are available with special pricing