massage therapy


what is
Massage Therapy?

creating space within the body

Massage means to manipulate tissue, to create space. To create space between the muscles and nerves and bones in order to increase blood flow, which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the body. This is essential for survival. When muscles have what they need, you move more freely, have less pain and stiffness and your emotional bliss gets a well needed jump start.

In addition, massage therapy is the systematic, scientific manipulation of the body tissues by the hands to relieve pain and reduce swelling, relax tired and over used muscles, while speeding up healing after strains and sprains. It was been used for over 3,000 years in Chinese culture and over 5,000 years in Eastern India. Not really alternative ‚Äúnew age‚ÄĚ medicine when you think about it.

Massage therapy is more than relaxing me-time. Studies continue to prove the physical and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session. As the number of proven health benefits grows, so do the number of people who turn to Massage Therapy for a more balanced lifestyle.

Modalities and techniques are quite varied – from Swedish relaxation and hot stone techniques to Reiki, table Thai Yoga massage and structural integration. All promote the same wellness factor in the one receiving. Yet each session is so different.

All massage should be administered by one who has the proper training. If you don’t know, ask your therapist next time you see them.

Sessions available

Injury & Pain Management

Relaxation & Preventative Maintenance

Couples  |  Pregnancy  |  Sports  |  Kids

Massage Therapy is something that is great
for just about every single person, from 2 to 102.

However, some health situations prevent us from seeing everyone.
If you have any questions, please call us to discuss.

We look forward to working with you.

~Frank & Donnia

the benefits of massage therapy are abundant

muscle relaxation
lowers blood pressure
stimulates circulation
stimulates lymphatic drainage
reduces oedema
pain relieving
mental relaxation
re-educates muscle tissue
reduces scar tissue

revitalizes cell structure
releases emotions
facilitates communication
aids sleep
time for oneself
ease everyday aches
boosts the immune system
helps alleviate PMS symptoms
creates mindfulness

raise alertness
curb headaches
stress and anxiety management
rehab for sports related injuries
cancer treatment
improves flexibility
increased range of motion
promotes deeper, easier breathing



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Appointment Hours:

Monday   2pm-6pm
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Thursday + Friday   10am-12noon | 2pm-7pm
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Massage Therapy Rates

Relaxation/Organic sessions start at $60 for 60min + consult
Therapeutic sessions start at $75 for 60min + consult
Ayurvedic Sessions + Consult please call for pricing
Spa Treatments + Consult please call for pricing

Treatment plans are available with special pricing


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