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We take our role in your healing seriously. Each session is specifically designed around you and your body type or, your dosha. We guide you through an intensive health care consultation to determine what is balanced and what may be imbalanced in your life  { the key to your pain and suffering }. Create, live and enjoy the life you deserve. You’ve already taken that first step.

Take the second step.

we proudly offer the following Ayurvedic Treatments


Invest in yourself. Be proactive in your own health story. See yourself in a brand new light. Together we uncover the who, what, why, when, and how … of you. Promoting balanced health maintenance with nutrition and lifestyle alterations to overcome any and all obstacles you currently face or may face in the future in regards to your mind, body and spirit. You will receive a guide of self-care, nutrition, meditation, yoga asanas and so much more – to take this life to the next level of happy health freedom. We can see each other face to face, or work via Skype or Google Hangouts, or even Face time on your phone. Includes 2 – 30min follow up visits within the first 2 months and 10% off any of our Ayurvedic Body Treatments. 90 min, $150

CONSULTATION FOLLOW-UP30min, $40  60min, $65


Learn how to cleanse, nourish, moisturize and love your specific skin with pure, organic ingredients – not chemicals. We provide recipes and daily skin-care routines for specifically you and your skin at home. 60min, $50


Learn how to cleanse, nourish, moisturize and love your specific skin with pure, organic ingredients – not chemicals. Treatment includes herbal cleansing, essential oil or fresh herb steam, nourishment & moisturizing Marma Point Massage with doshic oil. All treatments are made with fresh, organic herbs & spices, base & essential oils according to your specific skin type. You will leave with recipes, daily skin-care routines and samples of what we used on your skin. 60min, $75, 90min with skin consult, $125


Massage using warm herbal oils and specific techniques based on your body’s needs. To calm Vata, cool down Pitta and invigorate Kapha. 60min, $85


Exfoliation and lymphatic support massage with dry brush or silk gloves, followed by light full body warm oil dosha massage. 90min, $125


Herbal dry powder or paste for serious exfoliation & lymphatic cleansing full body massage, followed by a rinse-off shower. 75min, $115, follow-up moisturizing and nourishing warm oil massage, add $50


Warmed herbal oils applied to nose and ears reducing sinus congestion, tension and toxins with Marma Point Massage for face, neck & shoulder warm herbal oil massage. 60min, $65


Complete body, mind and spirit rejuvenation. Dry brush or silk gloves, or herbal dry powder or paste for skin exfoliation and lymphatic cleansing support, rinse-off shower, Shirodhara, full body warm oil Doshic massage and herbal essential oil Swedhana. 140min, $250


Unique foot treatment that makes you feel like your whole body just had an hour massage. Utilizing the Tibetan Kansa wand and herbal powders, ghee and oils to break down toxins and sooth all bodily systems. 60min, $55


Calming bliss and serenity are yours with warm oil to nourish the mind and hair as well as open the third eye chakra with nurturing scalp and head massage. Upgrade to 60min and relax deeper with our Marma Point face massage, neck and shoulder massage. 30min, $55, 60min, $90


Herbal or essential oil steam for deep cleansing and toxin release of the lymphatic system. Autumn, Winter and Spring only.  30min, $25


Dive deep into your body, grounding yourself with large lava stones from the ocean, mini shirodhara with warm herbal oils. Release tension and soften tight achey muscles with this one-of-a-kind hot stone session. Available in Autumn, Winter and Spring only. 75min, $100.


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Appointment Hours:

Monday   2pm-6pm
{ Tues + Wed Closed }
Thursday + Friday   10am-12noon | 2pm-7pm
Saturday   11am-6pm  |   Sunday   11am-4pm

Other hours by special appointment




Massage Therapy Rates

Relaxation/Organic sessions start at $60 for 60min + consult
Therapeutic sessions start at $75 for 60min + consult
Ayurvedic Sessions + Consult please call for pricing
Spa Treatments + Consult please call for pricing

Treatment plans are available with special pricing

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